Why Is It Better To Use CBD While Flying?

Benefits Of Using CBD
Benefits Of Using CBD
Benefits Of Using CBD
Benefits Of Using CBD

Most of us like to take a vacation once in a while. Taking a break from work is very essential for your physical and emotional health. One of the main things that keep us from taking that break is the discomfort that we usually experience during a flight. Stress, dry skin, sleeplessness, etc. make plane travel very difficult for most people.

Many people are looking for an effective solution to these problems. Some of the recent studies and anecdotal records are showing that CBD could be an effective solution for the problems that people usually face during a flight.

Here are some benefits of using CBD while flying.

Helps To Alleviate Anxiety

Numerous studies have proved the ability of CBD in alleviating anxiety by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. CBD can help in the regulation of cortisol and helps in improving your mood. Studies also proved that CBD is capable of reducing the activity of the amygdala, which is a part of your brain that induces the flight or fight response.

Anxiety and stress are very common among people who do not travel frequently on a plane. Therefore, taking a small dose of CBD oil before your flight will help you to calm down and board the flight without any fear. However, you should first make sure that CBD works for you in the everyday setting before you test it out on your flight.

Helps To Prevent Skin Irritation And Joint Pain

People who fly often may experience skin irritations, swelling, and joint pain. Swelling during a flight could be the result of poor blood circulation. Many people think that it is due to inflammation. Dry skin is also not caused by inflammation. Therefore, CBD may not be of much help in that area. However, topical application of CBD can help in alleviating skin irritation.

It is well-known that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When you use CBD for skin irritation, it delivers all the fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant compounds it possesses to the skin and strengthens the natural barrier of your skin, and alleviate dry skin.

Helps To Alleviate Jet Lag

You should first note that CBD does not make you sleep. It only provides a sedating or calming effect that may help you to sleep. These effects are only experienced when you take it in high doses. Sleeplessness is very common when you cross a different time zone. With the help of CBD, you will get better sleep after your flight.