Learning the Making Process and Dosage Level of Cbd Tinctures

CBD For Dental Health
CBD For Dental Health
Hemp CBD
Hemp CBD

CBD tincture is a popular CBD product and the relative ease of consumption is making it famous. CBD is a cannabidiol obtained from the hemp plant that belongs to the plant family Cannabis sativa. Marijuana plant also belongs to the same family but hemp CBD has minute concentration of THC, which is an intoxicating compound. But, the concentration of THC in marijuana is relatively high.

How Is CBD Tincture Made?

Any kind of tinctures are made by soaking one material in the other. To make tinctures, alcohol is usually selected as the second substance or the solvent owing to its ability to enhance the quality of the tincture when compared with other solvents. Solvents like glycerin and oil can also be used as solvents in tinctures.

To make a CBD tincture use CBD concentrate that contains very less THC and is rich in CBD. The concentrate should have up to 70 % CBD. When the concentrate and solvent are mixed together, the solvent dissolves the chemical constituents of the plant matter and they are held within the solution.

Finding Out the Right CBD Tincture Dosage

There are many factors that determine the right dosage of CBD products, whatever the form of the product is. What seems to be the ideal dosage for one person need not be the perfect dosage for the other. The factors that you should consider while deciding the CBD dosage are

  • Quality of the tincture
  • Your body weight
  • Your body metabolism
  • Tolerance levels to CBD

You are the only person who can decide the dosage level of CBD for yourselves. CBD tinctures can be made at home also and this means there will be differing criteria that decide the dosage level of homemade CBD tincture and the CBD tincture brought from home.

Continuous recording of experience is important if you have to decide the right dosage for yourselves. Follow these steps to get the dosage customized for you

  • In the beginning, take 5 drops and not more.
  • Do not forget to record the amount.
  • Record your feeling for the next 4 -hour course.
  • If you did not feel anything, increase the dosage to 10 drops for the next time.
  • If you can experience the effect, try increasing the dosage a little more by adding 2 or 3 more drops to your dosage. This will help you to decide if the dosage gives the right effect.
  • Keep repeating the process to find out the right tincture dosage.