Cannabis Mass Spectrometry For Cannabis Analysis

CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain
CBD Uses
CBD Uses

CBD products have maintained their prominent position in the market since its introduction and their popularity keeps on increasing. The long list of CBD uses is encouraging more people to start using CBD but adequate care should be taken with every step. You have to invest some time to do a bit of research before you make a product selection.

There is no way you can be sure of the quality of a CBD product unless the qualitative and quantitative analyses guarantee it.

Mass Spectrometry

You cannot possibly ignore the chances of the presence of chemical substances like pesticides in CBD products. Even in minute concentrations these chemicals can be harmful and mass spectrometry analyzes all the chemical components present in the cannabis products.

The method of intake of cannabis products also necessitates testing. Minute concentrations of pesticides might be harmless when used in food crops, but things take a different turn when it comes to Cannabis products that are smoked.

An analysis method should have appreciable selectivity and sensitivity, and MS technique has both. You can combine MS with gas chromatography or liquid chromatography.

When Is Ms Usually Required?

Cannabis products contain several cannabinoids like CBD, THC and many more. When the cannabinoid concentration is relatively high, methods like UV detection is sufficient for quantitative analysis. However, the method fails when it comes to detecting cannabinoids present in low concentrations. MS is the ideal method that successfully detects even very low cannabinoid concentrations.

MS Methods

The components in a cannabis sample are separated using a chromatographic method and the choice decides the MS method. When gas chromatography separation is used, single quadrapole MS method is used, and if liquid chromatography is used, triple quadrapole MS method is adopted.

Single quadrapole MS is used to analyze terpenes and other solvents, while triple quadrapole MS is used for pesticide analysis.

Improving the Speed and Efficiency of MS

The knowledge of the medical benefits of CBD and the market demand it has is encouraging more states to initiate the legalization procedures. The labs have to adopt quicker ways of analysis and ultrafast MS enables them to achieve the target. The monitoring of all the analyses, positive and negative, is possible in a single run significantly reducing the number of injections.

If you lack confidence in the quality of a product, it is better not to get it. Several cannabis analysis techniques offer clear-cut information about the quality and composition of CBD products, which makes the decision making process of potential CBD buyers relatively easy.