Should CBD Users Worry Drug Test

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CBD has become so popular and common in every part of the country. It has also been made legal to use the same by the federal government of the USA. Even though it is not considered as the same, CBD is derived from a schedule I drug. This is the major reason for growing concern among the people, whether usage of CBD will get them caught in a drug test.

Even though there are continuous researches conducted around the world, there is still no exact answer to such concern. Even though some of the doctors say it is safe, many other professionals are not yet ready to comment on such matters because of the following reasons.

Presence of THC

Most of the commonly available CBD products are produced using full spectrum CBD but not isolate CBD. This is because, CBD dissolute or full spectrum is cheaper than isolate. But the major problem of full spectrum CBD is that it is not the purest form and may contain a very small proportion of THC along with other elements. THC is the element that offers high for the users of cannabis or marijuana; therefore, there is a risk that THC present in such CBD products to show up during a drug test.

Conversion of CBD to THC

There is a rare chance in for the human body to convert the infused CBD into THC. It can only happen in people who are using a CBD product for the conditions like insomnia and depression. Even though the CBD gets converted, it will only help in creating a relaxed mind and not in creating a psychoactive effect. But there is a chance for such THC to get detected during a drug test.

The Time Duration

The THC that gets into the human system due to the use of CBD will not stay much longer compared to the usage of cannabis or marijuana. But in some cases, it is found that THC will stay in the human system for more than a few days if the person has been regularly infusing CBD products that contain the traces of THC. In most of the cases, CBD produced by the human body will remain within the bloodstreams for a few hours.

Therefore, the solution to the problem that whether CBD will make a person fail a drug test falls completely in the hands of the user. If they are using isolated CBD products or low dosage of CBD, there is no risk of finding drug traces from the body.