Treating Asthma With CBD

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CBD Oil And Asthma
CBD Oil And Asthma

There is nothing wrong with saying that the field of science has been truly blessed with the discovery and use of medical marijuana. Seizure, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, you name it and CBD infused products will top the list of the prescription drugs. If you are wondering what CBD could do with respiration and related problems, then continue reading this piece as we discuss CBD oil and asthma, the role, the benefits and everything else.


It is a chronic respiratory disorder that puts the affected person at a position wherein he finds it extremely difficult to breathe. What happens in this medical condition is that the patient’s air passage gets engorged causing his airways to get narrowed. This, in turn, results in less air reaching his lungs. Its main symptoms are breathlessness, wheezing and coughing. A person belonging to any age group or sex can get this disorder.


CBD oil is extracted from the plant belonging to the family of the cannabis Sativa. Cannabis is popularly known as marijuana. On hearing marijuana, there is no need to get alarmed because it will not get you high. CBD and THC are two cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, out of which THC is the chemical compound that gives you a high. Also, CBD offers numerous health benefits and as a result, it is considered as a therapeutic drug.

Using CBD Oil For Asthma – Benefits

Relieve Pain In The Chest

Since asthma is a respiratory disorder, it puts a lot of pressure on the patient’s lungs. Thus results in the patient developing chest pain. With the use of CBD oil, chest pain can be forgotten. Relieving pain is one of the first benefits ever discovered of CBD.

Reduce Inflammation

As you already know, when a patient suffers from asthma, a lot of inflammation is observed in his air passage. With the help of CBD, this condition or inflammation can be made better. CBD has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Acts As Bronchodilator

When in the middle of an extreme asthma attack, the bronchioles of the patient narrow down and the patient experiences shortness of breath. With the help of CBD, the narrowing down of the bronchioles can be regulated. CBD does this by positively impacting the human endocannabinoid system.

We hope you are now clear on the concepts of CBD and Asthma; and how CBD can help with this chronic respiratory condition.