How Does CBD Help Handle Bone Fractures?

CBD To Treat Fractures
CBD To Treat Fractures
CBD To Treat Fractures
CBD To Treat Fractures

Bone fractures refer to broken bones. Hitting a hard surface or falling on a hard surface may cause bone fractures. The weaker the bones are, the greater is the risk of a fracture and that is why older adults are prone to fractures more than younger people. Bone health starts deteriorating when we get older.

In this article, we discuss the possibilities of using CBD to treat fractures.

What Are The Different Types Of Fractures?

Based on the type of bone affected, the severity of breakage and the length of fracture, fractures can be classified into the following :

Closed fracture: In this case, the skin of the person remains unbroken.

Open fracture: In the case of an open fracture, the skin is also broken with the bone.

Partial fracture: In a partial fracture, a part of the bone is broken.

Hairline fracture: In this case, the bone is cracked slightly.

Displacement: In this case, a gap is created between the bones and surgery would be required for correcting it.

Complete fracture: In this case, the bone is broken completely.

How Does CBD Help Offer Relief From Symptoms Of Fractures?

Pain is the most evident symptom of fractures. Opioids and NSAIDs(Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are commonly used to heal the pain of fractures but there are risks of overdose and addiction associated with these.

CBD is non-addictive and hence, a safer pain relief remedy. In the event of a fracture, the body starts building callus at the site of fracture to seal the gap between the ends of the broken bone. Studies suggest that CBD can boost collagen production and promote the healing of fractures.

An Israeli study featured in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research found that CBD contributed to the healing of mid-femoral fracture in rats. Scientists found that treating using CBD made the bones stronger than before.

A 2017 study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology suggested that CBD could reduce the severity of spinal cord injury. The study was conducted in rats. The scientists noted that CBD treatment enhanced the thickness and volume of the cancellous bone.

CBD products are available in different forms starting from topical products to ingestible ones. If you are planning to take CBD to assist the healing process, discuss with your doctor and select a CBD medication by analyzing its key features.