Can You Take CBD In Any Dose?

CBD Dosage
CBD Dosage
CBD Dosage
CBD Dosage

If it is a medication, then there is a specific dosage for it, and taking it in amounts lesser or greater than its recommended dosage is not going to give the best results. The same applies to CBD, a cannabinoid that is obtained from cannabis plants. It is being widely used as a medication for various health conditions and a vast diversity of products are available in the CBD category.

In this article, we discuss the dosage of CBD and how the user’s metabolism and the product type influence it.

Dosage Of CBD

As of now, Epidolex is the only FDA-approved CBD drug. It is used to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, two serious conditions of epilepsy. Epidolex is a form of CBD oil that should be taken twice a day, 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight each time. This dosage is for beginners. After a week, the dosages may be increased to 5 mg/kg taken two times a day.

As no other CBD products have the approval of FDA, there are no official dosage recommendations in their case. Rather than going with simply any dosage, study the dosage recommendation given on the product label and also discuss it with your doctor.

There is no universal standard for CBD dosage as different people find it effective in different doses. It is generally recommended that starting with small doses and gradually increasing until you figure out the optimum dosage is the right way to begin your CBD course.

What Factors Are Influential In CBD Dosage?

Various factors come into play when it comes to CBD dosage. The specific reason why one is taking CBD is crucial in the dosage decision.

If you are taking CBD for handling symptoms of epilepsy, you will need a higher dosage but symptoms of anxiety disorder can be handled with smaller doses.

Individual body weight should also be taken into account when figuring out the dosage. In most clinical trials, doctors calculate a dose per kilogram of body weight. The administering method and the concentration of CBD in a particular cannabidiol product influence its dosage. Vaping and sublingual consumption of CBD are more bioavailable than consuming CBD edibles. Hence the doses have to be fixed accordingly. If you prefer a highly bioavailable CBD intake method, go for small doses because that would be enough to give you the results you expect.

CBD has low toxicity and the chances of overdosing are quite low when using it. However, its dosage has to be given proper attention because the quality of  CBD experience is closely linked to the doses they take.