A Comparison Between Hemp Derived CBD And Cannabis Derived CBD

Safe CBD Dosage
Safe CBD Dosage
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Hemp CBD

It is a known fact that CBD can be derived from both hemp and cannabis plants. In fact, hemp is a special breed of cannabis that is used for industrial purposes. You can get both hemp CBD and cannabis CBD from the market. Even though both of these products are almost the same, they have some differences too. Hence, through this article, we list some of the important differences between these two products for helping you to distinguish between them.

Level Of THC

THC is the psychoactive compound present in the cannabis plant that is responsible for creating intoxicating effects. Cannabis will have high concentrations of this compound; hence it usually results in creating a feeling of euphoria in people who are using it.

Hemp also contains THC; however, the level of this compound will be 0.3% or less. Therefore, CBD products derived from the hemp plant will not create intoxicating effects.

The Legality Of Hemp CBD And Cannabis CBD

The level of THC is negligible in hemp-derived CBD and is considered to be safe for human consumption as it will not create any mind-altering effects or addiction. The maximum permitted level of THC in a product is 0.3%. The product will become illegal if it has more amount of THC.

As cannabis has higher concentrations of THC, it contains more than 0.3% of this compound. So it is considered illegal in many states. For this reason, when you buy a CBD product, you will have to make sure that the amount of CBD is below 0.3%. You can choose products that contain CBD isolates, which have the pure form of CBD without any other compounds including THC.

Other Differences Between Hemp CBD And Cannabis CBD

In addition to the presence of varying levels of THC, both hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD has some other differences too. Some of them are mentioned below.

CBD Concentration

The cannabis plant has higher concentration of cannabinoids than hemp plants. Hence, the amount of hemp plants needed to produce CBD oil will be more than the total amount of cannabis plants required to produce the same quantity of oil.


CBD derived from cannabis may provide better results than that of CBD derived from hemp. This is because; cannabis has more concentrations of different cannabinoids including THC. The presence of all these cannabinoids can enhance the effect of CBD oil produced from this plant.

Although hemp has the same cannabinoids present in it, the concentration will be less. Hence, its effectiveness may be slightly less than the benefits provided by the cannabinoid plant.