Athletes Share Their Experience Of Using CBD For Pain

CBD Dosage For Pain
CBD Dosage For Pain
CBD Dosage For Pain
CBD Dosage For Pain

Professional sportspeople are always seeking innovations to improve their performance. Needless to say, that they have an innovative approach towards discovering the best ways of recovery. It is this quest that has led them to CBD. Cannabidiol is one among the most recent innovations as far as sports recovery is concerned. It can have analgesic effects, which is why many athletes seek CBD pain relief products.

Cannabidiol is not shown to have psychoactive effects, so athletes usually do not fear whether it would negatively affect their performance. Like prescription medication, cannabidiol can improve one’s sleep, metabolism, appetite, and mood. Cannabidiol is put in cream that could have an anti-inflammatory effect if you spread it onto sore or swollen parts.

Professional golf player Rickie Fowler, NFL star Rob Gronkowski, NBA legend Klay Thompson, and women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe are among the athlete users of cannabidiol.

Fowler has included CBD goods in his professional routine, which lets him avoid being exposed to high-risk pain medication. Fowler feels that cannabidiol would soon be a sports recovery option for people all around the world. As for Fowler, there are many great advantages of no longer having to consume painkillers or pills. Cannabidiol has allowed him to limit being exposed to pain medication in his golf career. At the same time, Fowler recognizes the greater threats that other sportspeople face with addiction to more dangerous forms of medication.

Ketorolac is among the most widely consumed prescription drugs among sportspeople that cannabidiol may aid in replacing. Ketorolac is an NSAID that athletes from all major forms of sports use, particularly the National Football League. It may cause kidney issues, which include kidney failure, and internal bleeding if used for a prolonged period. Almost every NFL player wants to use a product like that for a prolonged time.

In 2017, over 1,500 players sued the NFL and its franchises for repeatedly administering pain medication like Ketorolac before games and during matches, without revealing its long-term dangers and negative effects. Supposedly, Ketorolac was only one of those pain relievers forced on NFL players.

As per a complaint in that 2017 lawsuit, Charles Evans would consume Oxycodone/paracetamol and ibuprofen that his Baltimore Ravens trainer gave him in an unlabeled cover. There was no record of heart issues in Charles Evans’ family. Despite that, Evans died following a heart failure issue that happened because of his enlarged heart. It was not substantiated that the painkillers directly caused his death. Anyhow, regular utilization of anti-inflammatory substances could put one more at risk of experiencing not just heart attack but also stroke.

The National Football League and NBA still ban the utilization of cannabis, which also applies to cannabis-related substances such as cannabidiol. Anyhow, there is an effort being made towards reducing those restrictions in all sports.

Both the National Football League and the NFL Players Association submitted requests for information to those who study pain treatment substitutes for opioids. Cannabidiol is among the best substitutes that the NFL is seeking. That explains why it even sought specific details regarding the effects of cannabis/phytocannabinoids on NFL player performance.

Rob Gronkowski is an NFL player who might just become an athletic example of how cannabidiol could lengthen such a player’s career. Rob Gronkowski has already been through nine surgeries during his NFL career. Gronk retired after 2018’s NFL season, but he came back last year and won his fourth Superbowl. During his time away from American football, Gronk experimented with cannabidiol to deal with the pain that he accumulated when playing the game. Back then, cannabidiol helped Gronk to accomplish a life devoid of pain for only the first-ever occasion since his entry into the NFL.

That recovery allowed Gronk to enter what he described as his life’s best shape as well as come back to the National Football League. Gronk did not make just another comeback; rather, he played a productive part in the championship run of The Tampa Bay Buccanneers. Gronk is among the main champions of cannabidiol, especially in the case of letting players use it for recovery. Gronk told NBC that every athlete should be capable of using cannabidiol.

Megan Rapinoe may be more known for her feud with Former American President Donald Trump, but her CBD advocacy is also quite popular among the masses. Rapinoe said that she used CBD dosage for pain relief and injury recovery. Rapinoe’s sister Rachael also believes in cannabidiol’s healing effects. Perhaps that explains why the sisters launched a cannabidiol company aimed at sportspeople. Rapinoe is among the many athletes cashing in on the popularity of cannabidiol in the overall health and wellness industry.

Cannabidiol has been popular as an alternative treatment option since the US allowed hemp and its derivatives to be traded at a federal level.