Guide To CBD Massage Oils

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CBD Massage

If you are troubled by stress, pain and stiffness in muscles or sleep issues, getting a good massage can help you. A practice that has been popular for centuries, modern medicine has found more versatile ways of massage. CBD massage has become the talk of the town recently.

CBD Massage Oils: What Are They?

 In the simplest of terms, CBD massage oils are massage oils that contain CBD. The compound cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis plants. Because the law demands it, CBD products are extracted from hemp plants alone and their THC contents are maintained below 0.3%.

When you are getting a hemp massage, the only difference is that the therapist will be using CBD massage oil instead of commonly used massage oils. The discomfort that you feel when your therapist massages sore muscles will be less severe than the discomfort you experience when you get a normal massage.

How To Enhance The Quality Of Your CBD Massage?

Here are some of the tips that help you to enjoy your CBD massage:

  1. Get into a relaxing state before the CBD massage

Take a few minutes to set your mood before starting your CBD massage even if you are at home or at the spa. You may try the following:

  • Turn on some soothing music
  • Dim the lights in the room to relax your eyes
  • Light some aromatic candles to release a hearty scent in the room
  1. Follow the instructions on the label thoroughly

The manufacturers usually mention specific instructions regarding hemp massage oil, like the ideal dosage and number of times you should reapply. Read the instructions clearly to ensure that you get a good massage.

  1. Clean and dry your skin before the massage

Topical CBD has lower bioavailability than many other CBD administering methods. Dirt and grease on your body can affect the percentage of CBD that is absorbed in a CBD massage. Hence it is important that you take a shower to remove any dirt and grease on your body before you get a CBD massage.

  1. Apply the CBD massage oil generously

Because of the lower bioavailability of CBD massage oils, it is advisable to increase the dosage to get the best benefits out of it. Apply the CBD massage oil generously and massage it firmly to your skin.

  1. Wash your hands after the massage is over

Hemp massage oil may contain ingredients that might harm your eyes on coming in contact. Hence it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water before you touch your face or eyes after the massage.

Get high quality CBD massage oil from a reputed CBD store for a soothing massage.